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February 22, 2011

Writing: Abuse Most Pleasurable

I just spent an hour typing a new page into my novel while sitting in my underwear on the edge of my bed. I’m in bare feet, it’s ten degrees out, and there’s no heat in my bedroom. My skin is freezing. But my story is set on an island near Cuba where it’s eighty-five degrees in the shade, so I’m warm as a fetus . . . in my mind. My feet, however, are suing my brain for negligent affliction of frostbite and they want an immediate divorce. I’m hoping my heart will step in and adjudicate the matter, but it’s too busy being happy about the page I wrote. Sometimes writing is a form of abuse most pleasurable.

February 20, 2011

Plot teaser for Tesora

After a sixteen-year-old cabin boy steals pirate gold, he is left marooned, but he finds a new life in Cuba and falls in love with the daughter of a slave. His hopes for happiness turn to doubt when the pirates surround him and the townspeople must decide whether or not to fight to save the life of the only white man in town.

February 13, 2011

From Ice to Iceplant Flower

Seen too much ice lately? Has it frozen your pen or your keyboard? Do you need a little inspiration? Try a little of this optical inspiration. If you stare at this flower for only five minutes, you are sure to find a great idea in the middle of your medulla.

Photo by Anne Abrams.

February 11, 2011

How to Write a Great Novel

If you want to write a great work of fiction, there is no better
(or worse) dictum than John Bunyan’s. I guess this should be
listed in the If-You-Have-to-Ask category.

by John Bunyan

The Author’s Apology for his Book

{1} When at the first I took my pen in hand
Thus for to write, I did not understand
That I at all should make a little book
In such a mode; nay, I had undertook
To make another; which, when almost done,
Before I was aware, I this begun.


Write on . . .

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