about David Krancher

Welcome Readers. This site chronicles the process of my writing as well as showcasing some of it. I write novels, songs, and poems. I’ve written six novels: Joe Island, Blues Pizza, Borderdance, Tesora, Tardy Son, and Stringless. Stealing Color is a work-in-progress. Tardy Son and Stringless were semi-finalists for the Faulkner Novel-in-Progress Prize. ©1968–2016. All rights reserved.
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©1968–2016 by David Krancher

4 Comments to “about David Krancher”

  1. Hey! I nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”. Check out my page for more info. Your writing is amazing.

  2. Best wishes in all your writing and along your Journey….keep exploring and sharing and expressing the life within you.

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