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November 11, 2011

Top 25 Retweets of “When the 1% occupy themselves?”

Top 25 RTs of my post: What is it called when the 1% occupy themselves? #occupyharvard

1. it’s called the .99% 🙂
2. #mockupyharvard?
3. Occuception.
4. When the 1% occupy themselves, it’s called preoccupation.” ROFLMAO!
5. Make no mistake, there are a lot of 99%-ers who attend Harvard, some who are accruing major debt$ 2 start their adult lives.
6. maybe when the 1% are paying attn and joining the #Occupy movement we call it victory. We will not win w/divisive attitudes.
7. “We are the 99.9%!”
8. At least Harvard kids will actually have a clue to what they’re occupying.
9. Building support with sympathetic insiders? 🙂
10. When the 1% occupy themselves I think it’s called a guilty plea (or maybe just masturbation).
11. Just because some very wealthy people attend Harvard doesn’t mean that all of the students are even particularly well-off.
12. When the 1% occupy themselves, it’s called preoccupation.
13. They must have found out the shelters for the upcoming depopulation events are a lot more selective than they imagined.
14. happy carefree
15. white guilt
16. Some people do get into Harvard on academic merit but then take tremendous student loans to cover costs.
17. I believe the word is “ironic”
18. privilege?
19. we r the 0,99% we want our credit cards full again 😉
20. raised consciousness?
21. checking your privilege?
22. great slogan anyway “occupy yourself” 🙂
23. There are plenty of Harvard students not in the 1%. Like me!
24. Having a conscience?
25. Actually, Harvard gives more in economic aid than many other top universities. Legacy is on the wane everywhere, it’s merit now.

October 26, 2011

Parallels of Repression: Joe Island and Occupy Wall Street

I’m getting towards the end of an edit of the Joe Island novel. Throughout the arc of the story there are a succession of occupiers of Greece: Italy, Germany, Britain, and then the USA. Each occupier thinks they are unique, but each operates to force the people of Greece to support its own agenda. And so the death-squad system used by the Nazis becomes adapted by the Americans by default. The USA says it only wishes to stop communism—the Greeks say they want to stop dying for American sins, that they want their own country back. They want to be free of the type of colonialism Americans fought in 1776. Is Joe a psychological colonialist, or is he simply a man without a country?

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