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January 14, 2022

The Sequoia Saga, a weekly literary publication

My new weekly literary publication, The Sequoia Saga, with poems, songs, and novel excerpts is alive. Come visit and leave me a message.
Se·quoi·a | səˈk(w)oiə |noun — a redwood tree, especially the California redwood.
It can be found here:

(Words sung in eternal treetops, lost in omen fogs, exiled to condemned bricks, abandoned in dead-end antics, with hope for redemption in silence.)

As a free subscriber to The Sequoia Saga, you’ll receive one posting each week of excerpts from my novels, poems, songs, and short fiction. Readers can also buy e-book versions of my novels and e-book collections of my poetry.
Thank you so much for your interest.
Sincerely, David

Silly Bicycle Haiku

My bike lost his grip
on the way home in the dark.
We must be over the moon.

Cantab Tango, The Live Album, a novel by David Krancher

Cantab Tango, is a literary black comedy about Cambridge’s most creatively deranged and diverse art band and its creative leader, Jack. Jack is a songwriter whose dislocated mind struggles to create despite his feelings of suicide. He must recreate himself and his music to make it all work. This is a dark-humored novel of literary fiction with a love story—as told by Jack. He struggles with his own existential death wish while recovering from the loss of his family and his previous lover.
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