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December 17, 2010

Rock&Roll Song from Skeezer

My new character from the new WIP writes a 24-word chorus about how she feels about her ex. Imagine a speed-punk sound welded to a cut-time reggae romp. No? Do your homework.


Deaf dumb and blind heaven, where are you?
Is there a cloud there, not colored blue?
Can I get a bootless note to save me mind?
When will the bootless boy kiss me behind?

December 12, 2010

Interesting Interview with Lan Samantha Chang on Bookworm

Of course, good writing can’t really be taught, although parts of it can be learned. But if one wanted to learn to be a good writer, it wouldn’t hurt to listen to someone like Chang.

August 9, 2010

A Song, A Short Story, A Novel, and Incestuous Multimedia

My short story, Late Night Waitress, has been accepted by Wilderness House Literary Review for September. Julia Carlson, the fiction editor, asked for a bio and said I ought to include the info about the music that relates to the story. This story evolved from a ejected chapter from my novel, Blues Pizza. I hope to publish the novel with the songs on CD so readers can listen and read.  The story is built around a songwriter who’s in New York for a session gig and who also has written a song for the band in cutting the record. The actual song, Choosers, is a song I’ve written and recorded. I just put it up on YouTube.

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