Tim Gager Announces the Debut of Printer’s Devil Review

Tim Gager, the principal of the Dire Reader Series, announces a new literary journal: Printer’s Devil Review (PDR). He’s its Editorial Consultant and he helped find authors to submit to the journal. Thomas Dobson created it along with his staff of editors. It’s is an open-access journal of stories, poems, and visual art. They aim to provide emerging writers and artists with greater access to publishing. For the reader they hope to deliver new voices and visions. The journal has all the contents downloadable on PDF files from the Website. If the story of Kate Racculia is an example, he’s met his promise to showcase good writing. I was once a printer’s devil (a printing assistant) and had my own Red Howl Press when “press” meant paper under my feet and ink under my fingernails.

3 Comments to “Tim Gager Announces the Debut of Printer’s Devil Review”

  1. Wow, I need to set the record straight. Thomas Dobson created this and his wonderful staff of editors brought it to life. I have a name on the masthead but my role is to suggest and advise. I also reached out to writers I knew and asked them to send something to the journal. I like that my role is always changing and will do whatever they need in any particular issue. I’m honored to be associated with PDR as it’s a great magazine.

    As a favor if you could edit this to present my role here and to credit those who deserve the acknowledgment.

  2. Whoops. My mistake, Tim. Because I know you, I assumed too much about your role, I guess. In any case, I’ve edited the piece and certainly added Dobson’s role as creator. Hope this is now correcto.

  3. Thanks for the write-up, David!

    Tim’s being modest in his comment. The editors and I are very grateful for his help and advice.

    Hope you can join us for the launch party. It’s Monday, June 20th at Middlesex Lounge (more here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122257811189782)

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