How much surprise do you like in a story?

How much surprise do you like in a story? I like a story to be unexpected at every turn. It doesn’t need to have multiple or parallel plots or one plot with many trailing sub-plots, but I find it’s the smaller surprises that help define a story and its characters. In my own life I find a competition of motives and possible actions which give spontaneity a chance to bloom. I expect any new detail to have its own story, so I pick and choose to create the characters and the themes. Among those things, I like to choose the one least probable.

2 Comments to “How much surprise do you like in a story?”

  1. I enjoy stories with surprises. However, I also cheat sometimes, and look at the end of the story to see a surprise.

    • Ah, yes. That’s a plot surprise. There’s no law against skipping ahead for those. I like the little surprises that happen on every page from a good writer. I hope to be one of those someday.

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