The Cover for Tesora, designed by Anne Abrams

One Comment to “The Cover for Tesora, designed by Anne Abrams”

  1. David, I think your web-site is completely awesome. There’s so much here; I remember the last time I visited it I read some of Joanna ? which led me to Fiddlesticks, which led somewhere else, etc.

    I miss talking baseball with you. The Rays just got 6 runs in the bottom of the eighth-they were losing 7- zip; Boston’s in a rain delay.

    I am reading Moby Dick, OMG –it’s almost too much. I don’t know what it is about Melville’s writing but it’s like visceral –you are in the room, or on the boat, seeing and hearing everything, first hand. Mrs Hussey: “no suicides here, and no smoking in the parlor.”

    Glad you liked the piece on the Mystic River. It was fun to write.
    Helen O’

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